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Lindsay Saker has always been a part of your neighbourhood and a part of your life. We are South Africa's biggest Volkswagen, Audi, Select and Commercial vehicle dealer network. Our showrooms and service centres take care in making our customers feel welcome and relaxed when buying or servicing their cars. That's because Lindsay Saker people believe in their products and take pride in their work. We are committed to the idea of putting people first and are constantly working on building a rewarding experience for our customers.

All prices shown are recommended retail prices, which are not binding on the Dealers. The recommended retail price excludes dealer delivery and related charges. All product features, specifications and options are subject to change without notice. Dimensions, capacities and performance specifications apply to standard vehicles. Volkswagen Group South Africa urges you always to contact your nearest Dealer or the Customer Interaction Centre to confirm specific features and the Volkswagen Group South Africa recommended, non-binding retail prices of vehicles in effect at the time of purchase.

The advised price excludes the 2 year MasterCars Warranty. The MasterCars Warranty is available as an option and is a contract between the customer, an insurer and administrator. This extended Warranty is not available for all Amarok and Light Commercial Vehicle models.